Outdoor Reach Truck

Outdoor Reach Truck


A robust ‘2-in-1’ Reach Truck to help Power Your Possibilities on sites with mixed indoor and outdoor operations. Made for demanding storage, handling, and loading across a wide range of tough industries, and well suited to applications with uneven, outdoor ground conditions, as well as in indoor warehouse operations.

  • Tough and durable
  • Simple service and maintenance
  • Lithium-ion battery option
  • Cabs for outdoor comfort


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Made for productivity – inside and out

Right size your fleet with a flexible Hyster® Outdoor Reach Truck. Retrieve pallets indoors and then load them into lorries outside, or efficiently unload lorries with varying floor conditions, before putting the pallets away in the warehouse – all with the same truck.

The robust Reach Trucks, for lifts up to two tonnes, feature Super Elastic tyres on the load and drive wheels. Super Elastic tyres are particularly effective at absorbing the effects of uneven ground outside, making it comfortable for drivers, while giving the Hyster durability that tough applications depend on.

Indoors, these models support demanding operations in narrow warehouse aisles, with a more compact design compared to most counterbalance lift trucks. With 3-stage FFL masts and tilting and side shifting fork, they support a lifting height of up to 7.5m in the warehouse to maximise storage volume when it matters.

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